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Mixably, powered by Spotify, is another presence in the long line of music services. From Napster to Pandora to now, music has brought people together. realizes this and has incorporated the social aspect of music into their app. Instead of a closed off playlist that a user might be able to share with others, is also part social networking app that allows you to connect on a more intimate level with the people you follow and who follow you.


The app itself is fairly easy to navigate. You can create a Spotify account or login via Facebook, whichever suits your needs. While you wouldn’t be able to listen to full tracks without a paid membership, has a free option that will let you get acquainted with the app. This helps take the edge off trying out, and more services should be doing so if they are not already.

Switching back and forth between your Spotify playlists and your network is a snap. Making your playlist and customizing it with your own photos makes the experience even more fulfilling. It hasn’t been this fun since cassette tapes that you could adorn with small works of art on their labels.

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