SEBELL Songs For Flight Delays

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We’re back and you’re going to be reading a lot from me so strap in nina brujas. Me being me, I think a lot about music, and how it might be made.

Reviewing albums like Songs For Flight Delays by SEBELL inspires me to podcast just so I could interview him, and ask: How did you do this?

The album starts with “FOMY (Fear of Missing You)” which has this kind of dreamy backward-stalking coating used as music to great effect. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful song. With a nod to album’s title, it talks about the tender pain of loving someone who’s not with you.

The dreamy coat is loosely applied at the start of Island, as if to say it was left over or to build a cohesive soundscape. Second track “Island” comes off cool and smooth so you forget its a song about heartbreak, with a recycled hook. (call it homage if you must. I think its lazy especially since the music behind it is so amazing.)

It’s like building a tower and hanging Christmas lights. You can, but if you’re not going all out, it reads lazy, and here we’re getting about one 10ft strand of lights. Sure, no one is an island, we’ve heard it. These days, more and more we don’t believe it.

Why do I pick or get assigned all of Glitch Witch’s break up albums? Am I EDM’s agony aunt? Or is a very small vein of EDM so packed with emotions it becomes a sad country song with a beat and some strobe lights? Track 3 “Numb” is that post break up feeling, and it sits in this song’s heart. Talking about drinking about feeling sad and alone. Me too bro, always. It’ll get better.

Track 4 “Aftermath” came up like I’m going to be happy. At times it was, I think that’s so great about watching these acts produce work. Yes, they want an audience, but they also do it for themselves. This song is amazing.

“Ghostnotes” is following me as I go to the dispensary. I really like the song – its a banger and a sweet ode. Something I’d send to the boy I like. Maybe it’s just me but “Dark Side” is the other constant replay. It’s that song you send to the off-and-on person you’ve been playing with for a few years even if you shouldn’t. (I sent it along to mine to see what happens.)

“Hindsight” the thing we should have but often don’t. This track sums up that regret perfectly. The song feels like its a repeating memory, bringing the album to a grinding but beautiful end. It’s reflective of a collection of songs both soulful and heartbreaking, masterfully placed over complementing melodies.

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