2016 GlitchWitch Album of The Year: Baby Blood – Await The Coven

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Complex and stunning albums like Await The Coven by Baby Blood change you. They can change your whole idea about music and/or life, if you listen long enough. They have earned our Album of The Year status, one smooth yet drilling song after another.

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Personally speaking, I like when artists do things that I haven’t seen done over and over. At first, on “Figurine,” I thought the distorted spoken piece was an excerpt from a movie (as is popular with Witchhouse music). It was that that stuck in my brain and was strangely haunting.

“White Lotus,” though not the strongest track on the album, had that meditative-trance-state feel. The more you listen to it the more you like it. This one totally has more to it, much like a real lotus.

“Gender Science” feels political yet sounds fun. You’ll find yourself dancing to this at 3am. It’s just sonically interesting to let yourself explore it, like a layered collage for the ears with pop-sensibility.

“Deep Web Interlude” is another collage-y type song that is more sparse, and begins to feel like a maze as you listen to the spoken piece. It’s a truly sparkling song, if you can navigate the creepy chill.

“Crystalline.” This feels like exactly what it is – the frenzied closing of some dark ritual. You get a sense of release after listening to this album. This lets the ritual rev you up once more with repeated chanting of “Crystalline” to let go.

This album gives a lot in a small space. White Lotus and Crystalline appear to have seemingly trance-inducing effects due to almost ritual-like chanting of the titles (which is awesome). This album is more of an experience, and less of something you would put on to do work to.

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