Allie X – a Collxtion in the Making

Published by Dorian Dawes on

Allie X has laid bare the skeleton of a new album. The Spotify playlist for Collxtion II Unsolved begins with an introduction from the artist imploring her audience to follow and help her decide which songs will appear on the album. Her facebook page allows the audience to follow along as she posts snippets of upcoming lyrics, various mixes that may or may not show up in the final project. It’s not entirely unheard of for artists to put the display out in public like this, or to reach out for audience feedback even as the project is being put together, though the presence of Spotify posits some new avenues for collaborative creation.Listen Now

In the past, many musicians have used crowdfunding provided by bandcamp or kickstarter in order to allow their fanbase to participate in the creation process, sharing behind-the-scenes videos, holding remix contests, and the like. As we continue to move forwards, the tools at the disposal of artists will grow, inviting audiences along for the ride.


The tracks posted so far are in a rough, unfinished state. However, it should appeal to certain audiences. While I was relatively unimpressed by “Cassanova” and “Too Much to Dream,” I did find “All the Rage” to be a great party anthem and a possible hit in the future. Clever, self-assured lyrics and a rocking chorus make it the highlight of the current tracks. I’m intrigued by Allie X’s process and her witty lyrics, so I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.