AlunaGeorge – I Remember

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AlunaGeorge’s music has always been more than the sum of its parts. George Reid’s minimalist beats combine with Aluna Francis’s ethereal, childlike, insert-popular-adjective-here vocals to drive catchy, fun EDM that makes bodies move. But somehow, there’s more to the music than just those two key elements. And that’s never been more true than on I Remember.

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Several times throughout the album we get a song that at first sounds like it’s going to be the kind of sterile, emotionless dance-pop that is the hallmark of the musical zeitgeist of late 2016. But invariably, AlunaGeorge takes a hard turn into the kind of tenderness and beauty reminiscent of nothing so much as early 90s R&B. There are several tracks that left me expecting a cameo from CeCe Peniston. And even though we don’t see Ms. Peniston on this album, the guests we do get are perfectly chosen and deployed. And then there are the moments (“Mediator”) where AlunaGeorge transcends their own sound for something even more surprising.

Ultimately, I Remember is a celebration of ecstasy. Nowhere is this more true than on the title track, in which cries of “I remember your scent / When you first woke up / And I’m on your chest” are met with coos of “I want to feel like it’s the first night / I want to meet you for the first time”. The song is full of sexual energy, erotic memory, and the knowledge that moment is both gone and will live forever. It’s followed up by “In My Head”, which – like so many other tracks on this very solid album – is a dirty, sexy ode to the kind of late-night encounter you can never forget.

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