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Brighton based DJ and Producer, Salute brings a vast array of musical influences to impeccably blur genres into a unique and enticing sound. My Heart is a romantic and soulful journey, opening quietly but strong with a jazzy piano over quiet, humming synths. There is a mastery of quiet and build-up on this album that’s unique and instantly memorable.

‘One More Chance’ features vocals from D.R.A.M, a strong collaboration that highlights Salute’s gospel influences. D.R.A.M’s vocals serve to accentuate the chilled-out rhythm rather than overpower them. The real vocal gem on this is Cleo Tighe’s work on Storm, arguably the best track on the mini-album. It’s a catchy track that marries the oscillating synths and syncopated beats beautifully. I can’t think of a better track to introduce Salute’s work to the world.

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My Heart is very much a feel good album, favoring light-hearted lyrics and happy rhythms at the same time highlighting a wealth of breakthrough talent. It’s a matryoshka doll of influences, and picking out each genre is only a fraction of the fun to be provided.

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