Willa – Lovefools.

Published by Dorian Dawes on

Featured this week on Glitch Witch is Willa’s dark and moody cover of Lovefools. The original song is cute for those who are into that sort of thing,

but for those who need a bit more meat from their declarations of affection: Willa is right there bringing pathos and pain with a huge vocal delivery. The grim synths lurk like an organ in the background giving this track some much needed atmosphere.Willa debuted earlier this year with Criminals+Dreamers bringing both light and darkness to the synthpop scene. “Swan” is the opening track and by far my personal favorite out of the entire discography. It’s a huge and aggressive in-your-face declaration of personal independence that’s arguably the best of Willa’s vocal work, as she forsakes the smooth, ethereal tones commonly associated with female vocals in the genre and instead adopts a voice like whiskey on gravel. The choice is perfect given the musical accompaniment of huge, thudding drumbeats and a grinding piano. You don’t hear this variety of instruments often within the genre, and it is a Not all is dark and aggressive though, as she’s perfectly capable of frivolous bubblegum-love songs with lighthearted, clever allusions; proving Willa’s versatility as both a singer and a songwriter.