Basecamp: In Stone

Published by Lacie Grayson on

It’s “Lo” and I’m wondering if it’s an all instrumental. That might be nice. No, wait, there’s a new beat overlay and lyrics. Something that’s soulful in an early ’90s-neon-pink-jazz feel. Surprisingly, the lyrics themselves have a surrealist R&B drive to them that I find charming.

Listen to In Stone – EP – BASECAMP Here

Digital natives and orchestral angels come out in repeating choirs in “The Hunter.” The blood-red beat pattern in this is extraordinary. “On My Heels” is more of what we heard in “Lo” – nothing wrong with something that works. Except that it features lush saxophone work that does make the song textural.

“In Stone” features some interesting layering. The music here in general is less chill than “Lo” or “On My Heels.” I like his choices in any soundscape, because my brain can choose to listen to lyrics or sense the emotions in the ambiance.

“Ghostown” and “Reap” inadvertently became favorites. I don’t know if they deal with the same relationship but I do think these tell a story. A wounded and gorgeous story but it’s there all the same.