Beach Season – Libra Year

Published by Lacie Grayson on

“If I (Intro)” starts with a kind of rushing, uneasy silence that builds into a vapor of song. ‘Uneasy’ is not a negative though – here it’s characteristic of a sonic version of falling in love; the perfect way to start this album of new sexiness from Beach Season. “Midnights” adds to the frozen-in-time feeling. Like you are experiencing someone else’s secret romance. It’s chill like summer love melting down your spine.

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“Tribes” is a modern love song. It speaks a modern language. Still keeping in R&B sensibilities, it is almost framed so that we understand. The evolved verbiage is here, while slow jams reign supreme.

The layered noise against keyboard in “Body Heat” does little to hide the fact that it’s as most epic as a vapor based slow jam could be. Because even the ultra-hip of people need music to get it on to.

“Drip” is a trippy, highly effective song. Especially on repeat listens, its hypnotic trailing combined with even deeper layers will have you getting lost in a little auditory puzzle.

“Pink Room” is the most heavily 80’s influenced track of an album that screams “like rad” and perhaps it’s just been too many listens for me, but I swear one of the vocal drops is my own name.