Blkkathy – Lemon EP

Published by Dave Churvis on

Existentialist R&B is hard to come by. It’s not hard to find music of all kinds that’s struck-through with romanticism and optimism, and of course self-loathing is a constant alignment of any musician’s psyche. But music that is both bleak and fun is rare, and usually rarely found outside of the noise scene.

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On “Children” (possibly the finest track on this EP), an angelic chorus simultaneously desiring to have children and reminding us of the futility of having them is accompanied by a deceptively simple (yet surprisingly lush) beat. On “Dem Bones”, the acknowledgement that “I can see why you don’t want me” is presented sans emotion – a completely factual statement by a woman’s whose heart was broken too long ago to care anymore.

Yet with all of this dark content, Lemon EP is a very enjoyable, even fun record. Unlike an artist such as Cold Specks, whose raw emotion on display rips your heart out and leaves you bloody and damaged afterwards, Blkkathy choose an approach that lets you meditate on the bad stuff while still remaining above the drama. The production is clean, almost sparse, but never as cold as the lyrical content. “Lemon EP” is a fantastic release from a very talented act.

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