Body Language Gives Us Aphrodite – Heavy “Mythos” Worthy of the Gods

Published by Dave Churvis on

I was 21. I was a newly-minted Adult Gay. I found myself at a gay bar. Not one of the ones with sex freely on display and grunting in the bathroom; no, I was at a place where sex was merely an exciting possibility for later in the night. Right then I just wanted to drink my White Russian and make eyes with the cute guy across the room.

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I struck out. Much as I often did, I lost my cool. Something shifted and maybe I didn’t feel so confident anymore. I went home alone again, for what seemed like the millionth time, knowing I wasn’t cool enough for the Midtown gay scene.

I imagine some alternate universe where Body Language’s new album Mythos had been playing that night. I imagine listening to “Free,” with its sassy vocals and sensuous beats, would have put me more in the mood. I imagine the harmonies on the expansive “Be Mine” would have given me the confidence to go up and tell him his eyes were captivating. By the time the video game blips and beeps on “Cold Shoulder” came on, I’m pretty sure I would have already sealed the deal.

It’s tempting and more than a little cheap to call this album “audible sex”. But it’s not sex. It’s the possibility of sex. This album is the musical equivalent of the first time you meet someone mysterious. It’s innocent and sinful at once, a perfect combination.

“Just tell me what you want from me
Is it lust, is it love,
Tell me what you really want to be”