Wild Beasts Artist of the Week Boy King Review

Published by Dorian Dawes on

We live in a wild time. When you were a child, do you recall seeing the cover of an album colored in beautiful neons, dirty electro-hot pinks and yellows – promising surrealism and adventure? You were suckered in by beautiful artwork, but the moment you put on the Best Buy preview headphones it was nothing more than disappointment, as generic thrash-metal plays and there’s none of the adventure and creativity promised to you by the vivid cover.

That era has ended. I’ve seen some glorious album covers in recent times, eclipsed by the sounds which followed, living up to the expectation. Boy King by Wild Beasts more than delivers. The cover is layered in 80’s nostalgia, featuring a font that is best described as radical, while an android-looking character stares emptily and hollow-eyed at the viewer with a look of rapture upon its face, before a background of sunset colors. I don’t often talk about album covers in reviews, but this one in particular is absolutely captivating.

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Great promise meets great delivery. Sinister synths and funky baselines are an instant hook, pulling us into the fun, dangerous world of Boy King. The second track is my absolute favorite on the album. ‘Alpha Female’ is dangerous, intense, and tough. I’ve been playing it on repeat as I write about a far-off planet, where bounty hunters fight over forgotten alien treasure. I can’t think of a more fitting soundtrack.

Sexy and confrontational, the album oozes a confident swagger. There’s an element of sleaziness to it that feels almost deliberate. It’s the scruffy yet handsome stranger who’s caught you making eyes at him at the bar, daring you to make good on those flirtatious glances. Stepping into the abyss will ensure a hair-pulling good time, but you might not be the same afterwards.