Cash+David Unleashes New EP for Unsuspecting Populace

Published by Dorian Dawes on

Hold our hand, Gertrude. We weren’t ready for this. Cash+David’s social media feeds have been largely quiet since the release of Side I earlier this year; turns out that was only the calm just before the storm. The darker and angrier Side II EP launched this week, much to everyone’s complete surprise. We were not prepared.

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Where Side I is clean and crisp, Side II is grungier and more aggressive. Boasting funky bass lines and distorted guitars, this EP has a rock-industrial feel befitting the best of the 90’s – but Cash+David is always moving forward with their unique electro-pop sound. It’s a stylish, dark set of tracks that’s great for dancing and thrashing violently about the room.

While fittingly aggressive with lyrics such as “You’re not gonna suck my blood, bloodsucker” it doesn’t stop the album from being a complete blast. It transforms anger into a self-assertive good time. It’s so catchy and empowering that you’ll likely put this on repeat and listen to it until you can feel the energy pumping through every vein.

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