Charlotte Cardin – Big Boy EP

Published by Z Daniels on

“Dirty Dirty” is my favorite song on the EP, with its A Cappella introduction that drops into a minor key like Spanish Jazz with a touch of French pop. I can already see myself dancing to this endlessly. If that doesn’t satisfy you, it’s the shadow of Charlotte Sometimes that broke away to have its own adventures and came back with a hell of a story to tell. “Faufile,” which means “sneak out”, is a surprise ballad that takes me back to when I was trying to find my identity through music. The French have an impressive way of coaxing a heart drenched in sorrow and darkness into the light of day. There’s a hint of Edith Piaf when she hits the note at 1:46. Expect to see this in a YouTube video probably as a demonstration of ballet conveying deep emotion. But it’s not all heavy hearts here darlings – “Talk Talk” is the level of song writing I hope to see from indie musicians. There are several layers to get lost in; different ways to interpret this. If you were to dance to it, you’d let your hips sway, looking for liberation from all the pressures of life. You’d bring your arms over your head and let your body fill the space around you, allowing yourself to discover all the movements you’ve been missing out on. It’s a 2AM, walking-away-from-the-club-song, when the night can still be full of promise.

But who is Charlotte Cardin? Besides a lovely French Canadian who debuted on The Voice with a brighter rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m Know Good,” she is a guide into the in-betweens of feelings, providing a little bit of a mystery to American audiences. From her interview with Elle Quebec, it’s obvious that she has an open personality and is receptive to various genres of music. My favorite quote: “My coach, Marie-Mai, said, ‘On stage, do not try to imitate an artist you admire. Be yourself. Display your personality.” Obviously, she took that advice to heart and ran with it. The full album is expected to come out in early 2017. Listen now!