Danelle is Understood Loud and Clear on Debut EP: Broken Sentences

Published by Lacie Grayson on

This EP opens with the dreamlike song “Chairs,” which has floating chords and a really catchy chorus. It feels very much like Danelle knows what she’s making you feel, and you haven’t caught on just yet. So, she’s trying to tell you.

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Maybe you’ll get it now. “Numb,” even though you know it’s sad – and you might be crying – still has the dream structure. This song seemed to feature a more jump-rope breakdown which fit into the surrealness of the song.

Next, “Nobody” manages to do three things. It’s the dance track, the break up or ‘I’m over it’ song, and to break the dreaminess connecting the first two songs. Yet this maintains a surreal beat. The final song, “Love Again” feels like a nice ending this journey, and feels very bluegrass in it’s nature, like it would easily play in the background of any of Twin Peaks love scenes.

Danelle has a beautiful voice, and she knows how to use it. She has a good sense of arrangement. Those are two qualities that artists typically excel at one while the other limps along. Not in this case – everything is used to draw in you in, and push you over an emotional cliff. Broken Sentences may be a small EP but it packs a mighty punch.

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