Darkstar- Made to Measure EP

Published by Z Daniels on

My first thought when listening to “Reformer?” Fuck yes. This is the scene in my head when this song is played: Dark, intimate goth club. A few people dancing, a couple sitting to enjoy their drinks, while several more have their backs against the wall. As it begins, eyes grow wide with intrigue, and in 45 seconds everyone is at the very least bobbing their head. It’s a beat that will speak to anyone, especially the people who say they don’t dance. Every piece of this song comes together in just the right way, with vocals coming from Empress Of.  “Through the Motions” is the kind of song I like to make coffee to as I wake up in the morning. It reminds me of Imogen Heap’s early vibe. The drums remind me of a heartbeat, strong and steady, yet relaxed. The vocals are a magnified version of the inhale of right before that first sip of coffee. The longer you listen, the more ready you feel for the day ahead; That day ends with “Black Ghost,” with GAIKA’s voice to get your night started. Cruising down the downtown city streets, looking for the brightest lights and sweetest memories. What those memories entail is up to you, and where you let the music take you.

To make this North English electronic duo you will need: one part James Young and one part  Aiden Whalley. They’ve been making music since 2008. The first batch was produced under their own label; A note that definitely makes them worth a glance, but I have a feeling that after one listen you won’t be able to look away.