Drones Club – Rasa

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Meaning and authenticity are two of the most elusive qualities for any modern artist. It seems that every possible combination of beeps, bloops and disembodied vocals have already been done by someone, somewhere. So, what can it possibly mean to do something truly “new” or “meaningful?” Many artists go for the ‘weird’ approach, others for a groundbreaking aesthetic, and some go so far as to build an entire philosophy around their music.

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Drones Club takes an entirely intellectual approach to positioning their music. You’ve heard every sound on this album somewhere before. But when you begin to pull back the layers, you begin to appreciate what they’re trying to do.

The band’s name is a clue. The band refers to itself as a collection of anonymous “drones,” disaffected from modern life and oblivious to social control of hegemonic empires. But how many of us listening would also recognize the P.G. Wodehouse reference, to the club of the idle rich, who presumably have no problem with such social control? This music is complex, even far beyond the sounds themselves. Drones Club has sublimated meaning out of the meaningless of our very existence.

In some schools of Indian philosophy, a rasa is an emotion induced in someone viewing an art as a reflection of the emotion felt by the artist. The emotions this album induces – elation, paranoia, joy, fear, and everything in between – is quite obviously felt by its creator. Drones Club, by taking an entirely intellectual approach, has managed to convey the authenticity which thousands of other acts lack. This interplay of intellect and emotion, of meaning and meaninglessness, makes this album far greater than the sum of its parts.

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