Funeral Suits – Tree of Life EP

Published by Dorian Dawes on

Tree of Life opens with a rhythmic, but urgent drumbeat and haunted vocals.  The epic and heartfelt chorus-line of dreams and schemes cast aside for profit is a vulnerable and intimate portrait of life’s struggles, particularly where art is concerned. It’s a thoughtful melancholic track with majesty and ambition. Funeral Suits don’t seem merely intent on sharing sadness, they want it to carry you, and that is not an easy feat.

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Each track bears those elements of majestic melancholy, high drama and high emotions but with a playful wink and nudge. There’s a talent to that, the ability to make sadness sound fun. It’s a level of pretentious that I think is healthy for everyone to indulge in now and again, to laze beneath the sky and feel waves of melancholy and find pleasure in it.

Funeral Suits is able to tweak the signature angst and drama to how it suits them, borrowing elements of some moody Britpop with heavy reliance on synths for atmosphere. One might draw comparisons as varied as Echo and the Bunnymen to Fever Ray, and somehow it all works. Even the general moodiness that pervades their work can give way to sweeping triumph, allowing the tracks variety that keeps the sound from becoming too cluttered or repetitive.

Funeral Suits is a great band for those moments when you’re feeling introspective and somber, but not too terribly somber. You just want to stare at the ceiling and count the tiles and enjoy the quiet.  Sadness doesn’t always have to be unpleasant.