Glades – This is What It’s Like

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The debut EP from Australia’s Glades magically traverses the obstacle course of pitfalls that usually cause airy pop albums from new artists to register as unmemorable. This isn’t the heaviest album in the universe, but there’s an undercurrent of substance in the mix with relatable lyrics about the intoxicating phase of infatuation that overwhelms new relationships. These are songs about intense wants and desires that are usually framed with a darker tone that portrays them as a portal to something short-lived and meaningless, but Glades has instead created the perfect soundtrack for living in the moment and ignoring future consequences.

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All the key elements click into place early on to keep this piece going in the right direction. Everything’s on the same page tone-wise, from the solid opener ‘Speechless’ to the bubbly and aptly-titled ‘Summer Air.’ Everything’s in a continuing emotional circuit that never jumps outside of the lines thematically. It’s about new crushes and people who give you butterflies, and while that subject matter in pop songs is nothing new, it’s not often backed up well enough musically as to allow you to re-experience those rushing moments. This EP’s songs work like scrapbook pages to evoke specific feelings and memories, one track at a time.

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