Glitchtech Review: Bundler App is the iOS Zip Fix.

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Bundler is an app that should really be an embedded feature of iOS. Oddly enough, iPhone and iPad devices do not possess the ability to send or share a multitude of files in. It is quite simple to do so on a PC; the user simple selects multiple files and quickly exports them as a ZIP folder. Bundler has entered the scene to resolve this issue.

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Everything about this app is ideal. I highly recommend to go ahead and download it; The app is free.  The minimalism in its utility offers an easy solution to the ongoing iOS 7 issue of lacking the ability to open ZIP files. Once the app has been installed, the Bundler icon (an adorable Octopus) will appear in the share screen. Items that can be shared include pretty much everything that can be saved on apps on the iPad or iPhone. Files, media, webpage links, contacts, maps, notes, and anything else you’ve got in the kitchen sink of your app list. Bundles are created from the share screen, and then can be labeled and organized from within the Bundler app itself. Data can then be easily and effortlessly moved to a wide variety destinations of your preference, and you are now able to share countless items with others.

There are not really any downsides to adding this app to your iPad/iPhone productivity/utility list. It’s only a couple megabytes in size yet it’s essential once you’ve benefited from what it offers. Its features become available throughout your device via share screen. It’s easy to use and wears large fonts and simple a simple color scheme, making it very accessible and simplifies the presentation of bundles you can save a great amount of time with moving around. I find it absolutely necessary to have this on anything running iOS, since individual file transfer is exhausting and time consuming. Until Apple includes these features in future mandatory software updates, Bundler should be on your smartphone (or tablet) at all times.


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