IYES – History

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I see people looking for a strong, steady beat with an unexpected melody. It reminds me of a softer Robyn, with a dash of Ellie Goulding – if she were goth – and a generous spoonful of soul. This is the music I’ve been waiting all summer for. “Breathe” is probably where my comment of “gothic Ellie Goulding” applies the most, but it’s also where Melis branches out, leaning hard on a nursery-rhyme effect in the lyrics. I love Josh Christopher’s voice, particularly the dark contrast in vocals here as well other songs on the album. They introduce a nice xylophone effect halfway through, and then the bridge…is art. Feel out your talent, IYES. “Goldfire” is my favorite. I love the heavy pulse and the harp! Forgive me if this is too forward, but I want to have sex to this song. It sounds like it would heighten any experience it’s played during. The second bridge layers like a champion, followed by a whispering outro which transitions sweetly to the next track.

<a href=”http://www.glitchwitch.net/wp-content/uploads/id1136202224?mt=1&app=music&at=1001lqta”>History – EP – IYES</a>

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So who are these lovely people? IYES is a Berlin-based duo comprised of Melis and Josh. There are a lot of American influences however. ‘Going Solo’ features Josh doing a mixtape, which would explain a lot of the vibes coming from their songs. Their personal style is chic-without-trying-too-hard, something that only makes me like them more. Do yourself a favor by including them on your playlist regularly.