Just A Gent – Stories To Tell

Published by Dorian Dawes on

An album release with artwork every bit as a good and indicative of the musical experience about to occur, Stories To Tell is a promise that fulfills. The cover art depicts a window into another world and all of the promises, thrills, and adventure that waits beyond. The moment introduction begins we’re treated to moody pianos that provide a mysterious and alluring atmosphere that sets the tone instantly.

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It reminds me of the type of music that would accompany a children’s great fantasy, something like A Wrinkle in Time or a Discworld book. I’m not talking about the soundtrack that often accompanies adaptations of these stories, but the music that should accompany them. The type of music that perfectly encapsulates the mystery, whimsy, and darkness of a great fireside fantasy tale.

Featuring a wealth of collaborative talent, the album seamlessly blends nearly every genre from jazz to trip-hop into a tone that never feels disparate, and instead wholly contributes to the strange atmosphere of the piece. It’s a transcendent, at times gothic work of art great for any hexing ritual.

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