Leagues – Alone Together

Published by Dorian Dawes on

This one surprised me a bit. It opens with a big, catchy heavy bass-thumping good time in “Lipstick Coffee,” and it’s as sugary and intoxicating as the title implies. Every good album needs a great opening and this one is worthy. I hadn’t even made plans that evening and found myself wanting to blast this at full volume while getting ready to go dancing – something I never actually do so that’s a statement in and of itself.

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It’s not a particularly serious album, and that’s its strength. Any amount of seriousness would kill this joyful, free-spirited piece. Layered vocals during choruses lend itself to a jubilant sound, while the occasional guitar plays to a romantic tone. None of it is particularly intense or pushy, more flirtatious and whimsical. Even the more mournful track, “Slow and Steady,” has a childlike innocence to the way it looks back listlessly on a past love.

This is definitely an ideal album for getting ready to go out, as previously mentioned, or maybe to put on while you’re working out or driving absolutely nowhere. The retro synths and drums are here, much to my delight in the album’s title track; much to my nostalgic glee. Say what you want about the 80’s – that we’re still emulating that signature sound says maybe the producers were doing something right.  If you want something free-spirited and light-hearted, I recommend giving this album a listen.

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