Marz Léon – 44

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Empathy, in the emotional sense, is one of the most most misused words in the English language. Often confused with sympathy – which denotes merely a common understanding between human beings or a sense of sorrow toward others – empathy is the act of actually entering another individual’s emotional universe and living inside it. Through the nine new tracks of her album 44, LA-based singer/songwriter/producer Marz Léon does not just solicit empathy, she demands it. She wants you to live her truth from the inside of the experience out.

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Using deliberate shifts of mood and tone, Léon is able to recreate an intimate labyrinth of personal experience. Léon is clearly aware of the depth of her own raw vocal power, and she wields it keenly and expertly as a weapon, never going for a simple vocal attack when she can allow the meticulously layered musical foundation to both support and compliment her instrument.

It’s a familiar album, but not in terms of having heard the content or style before. Rather, the songs have segments that stick in our minds and provide soundtracks to isolated moments that felt too alien to describe. “Perhaps this is the moment the we’ve been chosen to lead an army of broken soldiers,” she says in a plain, flat voice on the song D.Frncs “To lead a group of sheep into the lion’s den.”



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