Interview: Minimalist Pop Trio Bråves and Glitchwitch Meet Again

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LG: So, you have a new album coming out, what is the release date?¹

BV: We do have a new album coming out. EP III comes out 10/26/2016

LG: I find titles telling. Why did you pick your album title? What is the strangest story behind a song title on the album?

BV: Well, it’s pretty simple really-it’s our third EP so we decided to name it III.

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The third song on the record is called, “A Toast” The song is actually about a relationship that really fucks you up but you’re not mad about it. In fact, you’re pretty stoked on it. The main lyric is “you really fucked me over/still here’s a toast to you.”

LG: Okay, you’re ahead of everyone else in your genre by light years, in terms of that how do you come up with your sound?

BV: We use our two singer’s voices as much as possible to make one of a kind sounds by sampling and mangling them as much as possible. Honestly our sound is a series of trial and error and happy accidents.

LG: This one is a personal curiosity, how do handle songwriting in terms of lyrics?

BV: We’re all suckers for love songs but we’re also a bunch of weirdos. So we write love songs and try to say cute things in the most twisted way possible.


LG: What’s your message, what do you hope to accomplish?

BV: There’s a number of messages that we like to communicate but I’d say the thread that lines the whole thing is an internal dialogue of pushing boundaries and questioning personal programming. Questioning long-held personal beliefs. Getting to know oneself independent of what you’ve been told to be.

BV: Are you in fact time witches?²

Time is a circle. And on that circle are two different points. One point is the present day. The other point is way on the opposite side of the circle and that’s where BRÅVES comes from. Whether it’s ancient past or distant future, it’s the same place.

Don’t forget to check out Bråves new video for lead single Me The Thief, Off their new album III

Editor Append:

(1). We don’t play the mystery album release date game at Glitchwitch, take that over to pitchfork.
(2). While we have you here lets just clear that up….we’ve been fooled before.