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Many electronic artists have attempted to create a sound resembling what we might be listening to at a nightclub in the future; Motorcycles blaring down a digital highway as android cops pursue. The usual result is a fun, dance-beat with some introspective lyrics that fit nicely on the soundtrack to a cyberpunk-themed film somewhere. NAO’s debut album For All We Know could legitimately be the music of the future.

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Her blend of electronica, R&B, and funk brings a shot in the arm and a welcome one. Sultry vocals remain warm and inviting, while the synth-bass at times can offer a cool, alien contrast – creating something truly unique. Every track is absolutely dripping with atmosphere.

Versatility within this unique sound is part of what sets this debut apart. Some tracks are chill and sensual, while others reach an apex of high drama as the synths pulse and her voice reaches into high-pitched desperation. Some beats are fun and perky, while others plunge into melancholy and darkness.

For fans of synth and retrowave looking for an added edge of funk and R&B, look no further than NAO.