Noah Kittinger’s Bloom Explores the Emotional Liminal Spaces

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As cathartic as dramatic emotional payoff in music can be, there is something to be said for the liminal spaces of sound. Life can often be saturated by noise to the point where we tune out what doesn’t trigger our strongest responses, regardless of whether those catalysts affect us or not. It’s in these more introspective moments of reckoning that the most critical thought is accomplished. Reflection can stretch too far into incessant self-criticism and the endless reverberation of the what-if machine on an internal monologue of doubt. ‘NYE,’ from Noah Kittinger’s Bloom is one such echo-chamber on an amplified scale. It’s a song about the self-deprecation everyone feels but can only recognize when we flip the off-switch and turn all the noise off.

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Internet wunderkinds who start their musical evolution in their teens and begin producing quality tracks in their early 20s can be mildly intimidating to the average person who can’t remember if they ate breakfast. Noah Kittinger has been creating music under the moniker Bedroom since high school, but this new EP released under his own name shows an increase in streamlined production values as well as a more highly-tuned sense of vulnerability and self-examination. Minimal instrumentation cuts back on excess and the result is an exact and finely-tuned dissection of the spaces between grand experience and quiet reflection.

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