NOVAA Steals Peaches and Puts Them on Ice

Published by Dave Churvis on

There comes a moment on NOVAA’s excellent new Stolen Peaches that serves as a microcosm for the entire album. Multiple times during the third track, “Sex,” the beat builds up, and builds, and builds… and then abruptly stops. It resets. The moment that you’re sure the crescendo is going to explode into an EDM-rave-banger-climax, it just…stops. It doesn’t fizzle, exactly. It’s almost surgical. NOVAA wants you to get excited. She wants you to expect release before she denies it to you. You are experiencing the music in the way that NOVAA wants, so pay attention.

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That ultimately is what happens throughout “Stolen Peaches.” You cannot get lost in this album. At every moment you are expected to pay attention to what’s going on – it is made in such a way that you do so naturally. Every track is exquisite, from the cloudy vapor of “Rose” and “In Line,” to the focused precision of “Hermit” and “Sleep.” There’s a surprise around every corner, and you can’t help but notice. Every time you think a song will go one way, NOVAA reprimands you with something that you never would have expected.

The overall effect is a very cold one. It’s not a bad thing, however. The album is dripping with sexual tension, but it’s cold and far off. You have to work for it, and I mean that in the best possible way. This isn’t coldness in a surgical or sterile sense. This album is cold in the sense that you are far away from a source of heat, and you have to expend some of your energy to find the warmth. It’s there, but only if you try.

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