The Obia EP is a Dark Transgressive Epic

Published by Dorian Dawes on

Former Massive Attack collaborator Tricky is chaos personified – not so much as dancing between influences and genres as much as he’s smashing through them like an absolute juggernaut, and we are all the better for it. Considered to be an early pioneer of the UK Trip Hop scene, Tricky is an innovator as much as he is a culmination of a huge variety of influences ranging from R&B, to rap, to rock and roll. The Obia EP is no different. It is moody and aggressive, hitting you like a freight train with its harsh beats and dark, pulsating synths.

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The EP is largely collaborative, pulling in a wealth of Tricky’s favorite talents. Lyndsey Lupe’s sultry vocals on the moody “For Nothing” work well over the slow-creeping electronic buzz, a track also featuring the talents of Euanwhosarmy. Then there’s “Nenaviju Izmenu,” a crunchy track full of sirens and a swaggering bassline which are both delightful and threatening, complimented perfectly by spoken word – provided by Russian rap artist Syava.

Everything about Obia contains traces of darkness. It’s a harsh, moody epic sweeping you up in its arms and punching you back down into the ground again. You will emerge from the final track grinning through bloodied teeth, begging for another go again. It’s hard not to fall in love with this much talent put on display in unbridled artistic expression.