Only the Very Best from Bloodboy

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Calling one’s debut EP The Best of Bloodboy is both tongue-in-cheek humor and a set-up for the defiant attitude toward music’s time-worn conventions that the world is destined to expect from LA’s Bloodboy. The fact that the first track is called ‘Fuck Yourself’ might also be a less than subtle hint that the kid gloves are off and this isn’t an act that’s going to sell itself through cutesy affectations. Lexie Papilion’s dynamic vocals are addictive. The first time I heard her, I was convinced I’d listen to her sing practically anything even if it didn’t have a single modicum of depth to back it up. Thankfully, the story that she tells is an adventure of emotional highs and lows that never gets stuck in the monotone.

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Bloodboy’s rock-tinged electro pop can go from sparkling and radio-ready (Mom, I’ve Changed) to a perfectly calculated level of rough and unpolished (Fuck Yourself), exploring the entire spectrum in between with such a lack of self-consciousness it’s almost cavalier. The softer ballad ‘Drunk You’ catches audiences unaware with a bit of an emotional gut-punch, but it’s the anthemic Keep Your Disease, that is the highlight of the entire EP. It’s a song so expertly composed and addicting that you want to stop everything you’re doing and listen to it over and over again as soon as it’s finished.

Papilion could draw comparisons to everyone from Karen O. to St Vincent, but she is always uniquely and unabashedly herself – especially in these introspective and thoughtful explorations of the indecisiveness and inertia of being a young person on the cusp of life. ‘Human Female’ is that mindset encapsulated, and it keeps a poppy buoyancy while still remaining lyrically challenging: “You wanted to be lost until you were really lost.”

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