Salt Ashes – Salt Ashes

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I am positive you’ll be hearing “Half the Battle” in some underground club with multicolored lights and sticky sweet blackberry vodka cocktails. It’s a “the night is just getting started,” the feeling it evokes is reminiscent of the first time you gaze upon someone interesting in a club kind of song. “If You Let Me Go” is my favorite on the album. It’s a little dark and I’m hearing a lot of 80’s influence in the background, but it doesn’t cloud my view of Salt Ashes as an artist in the slightest. When she hits those notes “you don’t need to rescue me” my immediate reaction is ‘Hello, I’m emotionally invested in this.’ It’s the kind of song I would listen to while getting ready to go out, with seduction as my mission for the night. “Runaway” is the heaviest ballad on the album, with minimal instrumentals that really allow her skills as a singer to really shine through. It doesn’t weigh me down though, and with songs like this I usually find it too easy to try too hard to hit the emotion. She nails it fully. You can feel the control of every breath and it’s the song I would want to see live. I like that there is a lot of variety on this album.

Salt Ashes (or between you and I), Veiga Sanchez, is a UK based artist and their mini bio on Facebook reads “She fuses dark songs and melodies with a zeitgeist club sound.” I would go to one of her shows if she came to the US. I’m genuinely surprised they don’t have a massive following. These reviews are written as first impression pieces, so I didn’t know anything about the artist until this second paragraph. The talent is obviously there, and with Giorgio Moroder listed as one of their influences, I’ll definitely be paying attention to her.

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