SG Lewis- Yours

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Playing with a rich canvas of mood and tone is not easy for a musician to do, within the course of a short EP, without coming off as erratic and disjointed. There’s something artistic about the way Liverpool DJ and electronic music producer SG Lewis has avoided such trappings with Yours, seamlessly bringing together a palette of sound and a diverse cast of guest vocalists (including his own on Meant to Be) that mesh in a way that’s complimentary, rather than confusing.

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The cohesiveness of this EP lends to repeat listens – starting with the rainy-day moodscape, evoked by the spare beats and fluctuating overlay of sound interspersed with the guest vocals of RAYE on the title track. The song is like a sleepy morning, which transitions into the more energetic vibe of the following three songs. Instead of being awkward, it’s like the caffeine suddenly kicked it. You’re left wondering where the day is going to take you and seeking out adventure and experience wherever you go.

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