Sibling (Self-titled)

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It’s a tricky sort of alchemy, to combine the light-as-air auditory aesthetic of California indie-pop with emotionally resonant melodies and not come up with something awkwardly imbalanced. Somehow, Venice Beach duo Sibling has managed this exact feat with an expert poise. For those that wistfully regret the passing of another summer that seemed to be over in the blink of an eye, this eponymous EP provides the perfect dosage of nostalgia you’re looking for.

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“Westside,” the opening track, is a breezy concoction that is perfect for aimless drives with friends on sunny days,  with the evocative vocals of Elodie Tomlinson as a guide. The same sparkling effervescence is retained in Rearview, but spiked with flashes of longing and regret on the theme of unrequited love that lend the song a hint of pathos.

It’s these moments of slight darkness that keep the EP’s overall dreamy tone from becoming saccharine or patronizing, lending the music an impressive level of craft to avoid such obvious pitfalls. These are songs one can easily keep listening to long after fall has settled in, to keep August memories fresh until the first snow arrives.

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