SORNE Gives Another Altar to Pray at with House of Stones: Death IV

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It opens up with a beautiful idea: Stop, and just listen. Put on your headphones and get in the dark. Witch, warrior, wounded lover, please begin a journey by spinning SORNE’s new album, House of Stone: Death IV. The title alone should remind you why you want to be alive… or at least warn you that a serious experience is coming.

“Oh my love…. I wanna heal you.”

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‘Million Man March’ sets the stage. It’s always jarring to hear the first voices, but by the middle of ‘Humbled Hands’, I was being wrapped in buttery velvet and silk. ‘Inceptus’ begins by sonically revealing a becoming desert-turned-forest-turned-temple. I cannot help but imagine what manner of secret, sexy, sacred things have happened, or are to happen, while this song plays in the background. Do your bed and bed-mate a favor: light a red, white, and black candle on your altar, turn up the bass to a 7 of 10. Have chosen oils, herbs, lace, and leather on hand. Lock the door… Take your time… Make it up to any housemates in the morning… Take a day off, you’ll need it… Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids.

I wasn’t really feeling Star of Mercy but I’m willing to believe I wasn’t in the right mindset and willing to give it at least a second chance. Overtones, on the other hand, definitely got me right away with a hook, a breathy mantra bass, and explicit topical matter in it’s lyrics; building gently and intently over the course of the track, my head nodded along until I was rocking, dancing, and bowing in my chair.

Ego Altar worried me immediately… that I might burn something down to the dirt listening to this song… but that’s more of a personal matter…“Heal me with your precious soil,” sings Morgan Sorne. My suspicions confirmed, I go on to realize this song is about what I believe every song on House of Stone: Death IV is eventually about… love. It’s just that so many people talk about love as if it is the ocean without the tides, ebbs, flows, depths, waves, rain and hurricanes. What I am saying is this song and this album, much like the ocean, is deep.

Even the cover art is deeply and hauntingly beautiful in a way where I can hear both past and future, hope and grief, speak to me when I look into the eyes of the circled and cast figure. Buy it as a poster. Display it on your wall. Offer gratitude for and ask strength from this image.

Witches, warriors, wounded lovers… get Sorne’s new album, House of Stone: Death IV. You’re welcome.

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