Tender – EP III

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In the first video release from Tender’s new EP III, the track ‘Violence’ serves as the evocative backdrop for the imagery of the contorted bodies of dancers both in and suspended out of motion. It’s a dark fantasy of a mysterious club in an undisclosed locale where patrons are frozen in their steps as they wait outside to witness the strange display of neon lights and human statues within. The images flow perfectly with the lyrical and sonic mood set by the song, words that speak of both provocation and apathy when they announce in a casually disaffected way “Give me sex and violence. It’s all the same to me.”

Listen To EP III – Tender Here

The London duo comprised of James Cullen and Dan Cobb, who have been creating music out of their basement, have produced a fitting tribute to both melancholy and detachment. There’s something about the mellow vocals amidst the spare instrumentation and addictive beat that can both lull one into a trance and set them into motion. There’s something about this recipe that’s a calculating alchemy that works in a way the masterminds behind it aren’t about to disclose.

From the chilled-out but gradually escalating sounds of the opener ‘Oracle’ to the polished orchestration of Violence, there’s no great shifting dissonance of mood and tone, and it seems very deliberate. All these songs are on the same scale, creating a narrative of a journey of exploration into the unknown and beyond.