Trentemøller – Fixion

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Fixion is Danish producer Trentemøller’s fourth studio album, having given him plenty of time to refine his signature sound of airy synths and echoing guitars that’d be at home with the best of 80’s New Wave. The album is dark and dreamlike, with heavy bass that calls to mind some of the best of the early goth acts such as Joy Division or Sisters of Mercy. Breathy guest vocals provided by Marie Fisker and Jehnny Beth give the album some of its best tracks and compliment the moody instrumentals well.

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Some of the tracks lull themselves into an eerie monotony; a low pounding that lends itself to a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere. They wouldn’t be entirely out of place in a retro-style horror film. You can feel the warbling synths, like sirens gradually pricking their way under your skin. It’s as chilling as it is entertaining.

“River in Me” is likely my personal favorite from the album, casting aside the dull, thudding atmosphere for a pulsating beat and chipper handclaps. Comparisons can be drawn to Siouxsie and the Banshees with the crooning, broken female vocals. It’s still very much in tone with the album’s gothic tone, but this is the only track that really compels me to dance. If only one track compels me to spin around in circles with my fingers dragging invisible cobwebs out of the sky, the whole release has been worth it.

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