When I Get it Right – Michael Blume

Published by Dorian Dawes on

Michael Blume’s debut EP, When I Get it Right, is as emotionally raw and fun as it is heartbreaking. It is as vulnerable as it is powerful. The album boasts some strong production values, is impeccably mixed and knows when to fade for the quiet moments – bringing you back to an overwhelming intensity.

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While some may label these tracks as neo-soul, this album defies categorization. Blending elements of hip-hop and electronica, Michael Blume seems more interested in utilizing what will best serve the mood of the piece, rather than trying to fit easily into a predefined shoebox. These qualities serve the themes of the EP quite well.

album’s lyrics delve into a heartbreaking vulnerability, revealing an intimate portrait of the artist in their most confused and anxious moments, while celebrating the journey of moving forward. There’s a profound social awareness of racial inequality and the plights of queer people. ‘How High’ is particularly relatable, looking into an often under-explored aspect of queer identity. Looking around throughout our closeted youths as our cishet peers engage in youthful romance, personal experience is denied. However, once we’re finally left to explore love in adulthood, it’s a fundamentally changing experience. “I’m actually kind of fucking pissed!” is an apt way to describe the bitterness felt when we look on at friends getting married to their high school sweethearts, knowing this experience was not available to us.

When I Get It Right is unapologetically queer, happily existing free from the norm.