Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner Takes You on an Intimate Journey with Her Solo Debut

Published by Dorian Dawes on

If You See Me, Say Yes by Flock of Dimes, is an album teetering on the edge of a great decision. The decision encompassing moments that forever change the direction you’re taking on this road of life. Sometimes that decision is a great plunge into the frightening unknown, and embracing the joyous freedom that comes with it. At others, it’s a painful look back on all the things you’re giving up and leaving behind, though there is little regret in Jenn Wasner’s solo debut. It’s an album filled with forwards and upwards momentum, and there’s little room for regret within the embrace of the changes the future brings.

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There are aspects of tentative self-doubt and some anxieties, but the moody and airy tracks never seem to stray far from hopeful and anticipation. Even the darker synths always feel anticipatory, ready to explode into something new and exciting. The breezy and airy vocals tie in the album’s varying synth and guitar experimentation to create a solid, unifying tone. It’s a sign as to how strong the album is, able to transition seamlessly from the Goldfrapp-esque synths of Ida Glow to something that sounds like the sapphic lovechild of Florence Welch and Siouxsie Sioux.

If You See Me, Say Yes is an enjoyable, free-spirited release full of longing and hope and change, with breathtaking vocals and solid artistry; an electro-pop delight.